Get insured through the Affordable Care Act

For anyone with questions about obtaining health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, please call the SW Women's Law Center at 244-0502 to set up an appointment to help you get insured.

The Southwest Women's Law Center has healthcare guides to help you get enrolled in healthcare coverage before the March 31st deadline to apply for financial assistance to purchase healthcare coverage passes. Call 505-244-0502 to set up an appointment!

Visit their site for more information.

Herbal Tinctures

I have a large variety of herbal tinctures and salves available at the office. Popular right now are the antiviral tincture (Usnea, Thyme, and Echinacea), cough stopper, and pain salve. Single herb tinctures are also available. $8 for one ounce bottles, and $15 for two ounces.

If a particular herb or formula is working well for you, I'll teach you how to make it so you can be self-sufficient in that area of your health care.